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"Hi, I am a doTERRA Essential oils educator/ Essential Oils Specialist/ Independent Distributor

passionate about educating, empowering women's health and family.

Im have a vision to guide and support those who are committed to a natural lifestyle."

The Healthy Living Personal Program
Join me as I dive into the world of essential oils

Gift From The Earth


Find out how doTERRA sources our essential oils, and why it matters. Many companies cut corners when it comes to planting, growing and harvesting their oils. doTERRA's commitment to providing the highest quality essential oils in the industry has inspired so many people.

Each of us has the opportunity to create and live the life we desire. 

Explore nature's solutions for your health

Essential oils for a healthy home. Essential oils don't replace traditional medication, however they provide a natural alternative to commonly used medicine. 

Choosing to use essential oils provides you with:

  • Safe for the whole family and even your pets!

Lets chat about 3 health concerns and find natural solutions to support your health goals. 

  • Receive a FREE Personal sample kit to try at home before you buy. All products are available wholesale for members.

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The Healthy Living Workshops

Are you interested in learning more about Essential Oils and how they can make a difference to your life?

I have many online classes and workshops available at The Studio South West Rocks NSW. 

So many topics I teach to keep you educated and confident to use these magical plant medicine.

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Free Online Education

Applying Essential Oil

You’re about to embark on a aromatherapy journey of educational discovery, where you’ll learn how to use essential oils for yourself and your family. Take a look at all the relevant details about our Online Mini classes and get in touch if you have any questions.