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'I EMPOWER women who are now questioning what they want in transitioning their life and who are looking for empowerment"

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Are you not sure of your life purpose?

Are you at a cross road? Would you love to create a better version of yourself? Are you not sure what your life purpose is?

Stop struggling with overwhelm, uncertainty, procrastination. Experience positive change, a clearer vision of where you are and where you would want to be. Achieve clarity and direction with your life's purpose.

I help you to make positive changes in a number of areas of life such as health, relationships, career, business, emotions and spirituality.

Transformational Coaching & Therapies is a holistic approach and designed to help you identify blockages, increase clarity whilst giving you structure to keep motivated and accountable throughout your journey towards SUCCESS!

Kerry is a bright beam of light, doing nothing but good for all the creatures that walk this earth. She has a wealth of knowledge and love. I couldn't recommend her enough for what ever aspect you want guidance with.

Kirsty May

It has been wonderful to try a new experience in Life Coaching with Kerry! Kerry's professionalism, care & wisdom really get's to the the root issues. Progress & practical steps of action, have made my goals attainable. We all need to ask for support. I am so grateful I found Kerry's Coaching. Now I am on the road to Restoration, armed with New Life Skills & New outcomes & opportunities. Thank you! What a "Life Gift".

Ruby Smith


As a Transformational Coach and Holistic Therapist I will:


Help you get to the heart of the challenges and problems


Inspire and give feedback and advice at the right moment


Help you realise the choices and opportunities available to you to expand your horizons


Help you build the skills and capability required to achieve your goals


Keep you accountable and on track with achieving your goals


Help you achieve sustained, holistic success with a clear focus on the right things that align with your heart.

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Phone: 0423 498 674

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